Meth Alliance of Paulding

ESL Classes / English as a Second Language Classes

ESL classes are meeting two nights a week at the Family Alliance Center in Hiram.

Currently there are 7 countries represented in the ESL classes.

For information on ESL classes, please call Dana Velasko at 678-427-6656. You can also e-mail her HERE.

SUPER Groups / The Substance Use Prevention and Education Resource (S.U.P.E.R.) is a family intervention program that offers an educational group for parents and their teenage children.

These sessions focus on increasing parental involvement with their children, drug education, family communication skills and discussions about the legal, psychological, and physical aspects of substance abuse.

The S.U.P.E.R. Program includes various instructional methods such as lecture, video, role-playing, and interactive techniques; all are aimed at helping participants acquire specific skills to cope with the pressures they face in their respective environments.

S.U.P.E.R is a free class for parents and their teens. Classes are offered year-round. They are held as two-hour sessions, once a week for six weeks. Location of classes varies.

The Goals of S.U.P.E.R are to:

What Will My Family Learn From S.U.P.E.R Classes?

Classes are scheduled by: Michelle Weiss, Treatment Services Coordinator, Paulding County Juvenile Court, 678-383-3330